Insight into the Consensus of Environment Canada Climatologists about the Winter of 2022 in the Region!

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The article penned down by the eminent meteorologist, Dr. Doug Gillham, claims that the winter of 2022 would include recrudescing episodes of storms and cold breeze.

Weather experts have given perceptions that the upcoming year would bring with it tumultuous weather contours.

The Western side of the country is expected to exhibit come and go of snowy and mild temperatures. The Eastern side of the region is expected to display mild weather in the year ahead. A series of storms are anticipated across the Southern side of the region.

The La Nina climate of the Pacific Ocean is believed to assist the occurrence of storm attacks in Southern Canada. La Nina weather would result in heavy snowfall and moisture in OntarioQuebec and Atlanta.

Furthermore, experts have concluded that there would be below than normal episodes of snowfall in specific areas of the region.

In Manitoba and Saskatchewan, winters are expected to bring severe and painful colds.

Ontario is foreseen to be attacked by a mixture of snowfall and downpour. Maritime is anticipated to be equipped with normal cold weather with less persistent storms and cyclones.

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As for the Northern side of the region, normal cold weather will prevail. In Whitehorse and Yukon, temperature above the normal is expected to engulf the region in the year ahead.

2021 have remained a rough year in Canadian history as far as the weather conditions are taken into account.

Senior climatologist David Phillip has predicted that he is anxious and nervous about the weather conditions and is worried that the upcoming year might bring with it floods, hurricanes, devastations and uprooting of natives from the lands of their forefathers.

Furthermore, he claimed that the country’s infrastructure might not go hand in hand with the dramatic temperature variations.

Senior Accuweather expert- Brett Anderson– pronounced that the natural splendour termed La Nina, which prevails across the Pacific Ocean, would play a pivotal role in shaping the weather conditions in the region.

He claimed that after March, the temperature might rise above 40°C.

Brett Anderson pronounced,

‘The upcoming winter is expected to be fairly stormy from southern British Columbia through the Canadian Rockies with many opportunities for significant rainfall and strong winds along the coast. Abundant snowfall is expected throughout much of ski country from the Coastal Range of British Columbia through the Rockies of western Alberta.’

Reflecting upon the winters of the upcoming year, he further said,

‘Based on what I see, I think this winter will be wetter than the past five winters in southern British Columbia. I think this winter will certainly put a dent in the ongoing severe drought across south-central parts of the province. Conditions have already improved across southwestern British Columbia this fall as drought conditions have almost disappeared.’

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