Exploring Nature On Bicycles

Kelowna offers a uniquely amazing opportunity to enjoy on two wheels.

Kelowna offers a uniquely amazing opportunity to enjoy on two wheels.

There is a bike ride opportunity for everyone in K-town

It is a surprisingly amazing fall afternoon and you are traveling on bicycle passing by farms and wetlands while yellow poplar leaves drift down onto the path in front of you. You might stop to take rest to look for breeding Kokanee salmon in the shallows of Mission Creek, or move on to the neighborhood of Pandosy and stop for hazy IPA at a craft brewery across the street from Okanagan Lake. When you travel on bicycle Kelowna is pretty much your oyster.

Kelowna has happened to be its own bicycle destination. Hundreds of new singly path tracks in the nearby parks add in it and it is not a matter of surprise that highly professional and brilliant mountain bikers like Sonya Looney have made it their home base for its distinctive qualities.

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It is convenient to park your car when you get to town and start experiencing the slice of the Okanagan Valley on two wheels.

Mission Creek way is the most loved and admired place for families.

The shady Mission Creek greenway joins playgrounds and parks as it parallels one of Okanagan Lake’s major side streams. Explicative signs tell the ecology and history of the region which are placed along its 16.5 kilometers of trails. Information also includes the importance of water for the Kokanee fishery for the Okanagan people.

In the early fall, you can amazingly see the fascinating sight of hundreds of the bright orange lake salmon you can see swimming upstream to spawn in Mission Creek’s shallow waters. You can also see a shrewd and optimistic bear busy fishing near the shore or giant turkey vultures circling overhead and enjoying the open space in the bluish sky.

It may be a popular circuit for the family which is almost four-kilometer between Mission Creek Regional Park and KLO road. Environmental Education Centre is particularly specified for bikes parking to provide an opportunity to the people to explore with detail the park’s annual salmon run. You can see the surprisingly pleasing sight of a Kokanee spawning channel of flashy fish at a short walk from the interpretive center.

Larch lovers can feel an abundance of happiness, joy, and peace here

Travelers can see one of the best and uniquely pleasant views of the town through Kelowna’s most famous cycling route which is a decommissioned railway. You can see a beautifully crafted manifestation of natural art when Kettle Valley Rail Trail curves around Myron Canyon, passing through 18 train trestles made up of wood and further through two tunnels on this 12-km ride. October is the best one for the larch lover as in this month a lot of larch trees turn from green to gold and present a highly livelier and pleasing view of nature.

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