Natasha Lyonne And Fred Armisen Parted The Ways

Natasha Lyonne And Fred Armisen Parted The Ways

Natasha Lyonne And Fred Armisen officially split after living nearly eight years together.

The 55-year-old comedian and 43-year-old actress had been dating each other for eight years consecutively and lived together in Los Angeles but Natasha has surprisingly now revealed that the pair’s relationship has eventually come to an end.

The couple came to the surface with their romance back in 2014 when they were seen at pre-Emmys bash looking. Eyewitnesses said they were looking very flirty and talking very closely. A few days later, she confessed to sexting but she did not reveal the recipient of her nasty text.

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While speaking about living in L.A., Natasha told the Holly Wood reporter: “I had been living with Fred there during COVID. I honestly think that the only reason for our breakup had been the decline of my wish of having a swimming pool at home.  The love we have for each other is just about as much as two people can have for each other and we are still having discussions with each other all the time, but Freddy does not like swimming pool, this is the reason for our beak up but during those dark days of the pandemic, you have got to get your laps, I feel like Burt Lancaster in the ‘The Swimmer’. So keeping my passion in view, I bought myself a house with a swimming pool out in Los Angeles.

Because of having a swimming pool at home, I felt my life to be the incomplete one. So that’s what you can say is a real scandal. I guess I am an actual bicoastal.”

Prior to having a relationship with Fred, Natasha had relationships with Edward Furlong, 44, and Adam Goldberg, 51.

And the biography of Fred is no more different than that of Natasha’s as he was married to Sally Timms, 62, between 1998 and 2004 and then he married Elisabeth Moss, 39, which lasted from 2009 to 2011.

“Life is a complete process of adjustments and developments that take place in your life which actually make your life better,” Fred told vulture in Jun 2016 during his romance days with Lyonne.  I am trying as much as I can to be less selfish and I am trying to give more than I am used to give.

She said, “back when I used to be a wine addict, I would go to the bar with a calendar sheet, I would go to the boys and try to pencil them in based on a showing. And then would write down their names, ‘double indemnity’ Tuesday, I will see you there? Of course, that was the time when the cell phone was not in practice.”

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