The Future of Omicron wave and its Emerging Consequences

New federal data suggests that Canada is about to experience several intense weeks of Corona related cases as omicron is setting new records of hospitalization and infections.

Based on the true number of daily cases reported, despite testing restrictions and limitations, Canadian health officials indicate that Omicron could peak at 1,70,000 cases a day this month. Infections being reported daily despite testing restrictions are more than 37,000 cases across Canada.

Comparing omicron with the delta in terms of hospitalization, the number of omicron affected people is lower than the delta patients.

According to official data, Omicron infects people indiscriminately regardless of age factor including people from 20-to-39-years-olds. Compared to fully vaccinated people, those unvaccinated are 19 times more likely to be hospitalized.

Dr Theresa Tam (Canada’s chief public health officer) said next week is ‘quite important’ to know whether Canada hits its peak or not. She also said we could see that peak at least in the cases, adding that there might be a sharpened increase in the cases and decline in a similar way. But until we get authentic information about it, it is essential to cautiously avoid pronouncing the numbers. Infections and hospitalization related cases across Canada are at record levels.

Keeping perception in view about omicron, some governments are easing restrictions while others are tightening them. There are mixed views regarding the decrease or increase of the virus at different places.

Quebec is likely to lift the 10 pm to 5 am controversial curfews because it has been observed by researchers that the wave of a pandemic is showing no sign of decrease but rather it is touching its peak.

Also, Nunavut the tough measures that were set before Christmas to prevent people from huge gatherings proved to be highly effective that it is cancelling the ban on travelling on Monday, allowing businesses to reopen and in-person learning to school in January. 24.

While in New Brunswick new restrictions are likely to be put in place to reduce cases and protect critical social functions. Entertainments venues, Gyms and indoor dining at restaurants have been banned. Health officials opine that the worst of these deadly cases have yet to happen and given those businesses capacities’ limitations and restrictions on the school remote learning will be extended.

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While concerted efforts to curb the pandemic are consistently underway with the collaboration of doctors and health officials. The vaccinations process is more vigorously pursued and as of Jan.1, 87 per cent of Canadians 12 years of age and older have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Tam emphatically urged the citizens to get vaccinated on a top priority basis and to get a booster with no delay once they are eligible for it. The only possible way to end this nightmarish pandemic is to enhance the protection of everyone through these vaccines.

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