The Kids Are Highly Excited And Up For The Oasis Youth Team Challenge

The Kids Are Highly Excited And Up For The Oasis Youth Team Challenge

“It is amazing about becoming part of that big group of enthusiasts running together. There is the delighting atmosphere of the race, the music stations, and bands, the crowd, and the water stations, and above all encouragement.” Says Michael Moore captain of Mulgrave Titans.

Mulgrave Titans are returning for another go at this year’s Sun Run after winning the prize for the second-largest youth team last year. The passionate team is composed of students and staff at Mulgrave School, an independent school in Vancouver that supports and promotes sports talent in students. Students who are participating in the 2.5k Mini Run range from two and three up to grade 12.

Michael Moore, director at Mulgrave says that students feel motivated by participating in the Sun Run.

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“Some students are not well familiar with each other landscapes but with Sun Run which starts in the spring, they explore the different faces of the landscapes. Those students participating in the Sun Run generally keep themselves motivated and keep on doing practices throughout the winter. And this develops a lifetime passion for running. A large number of our students keep on running even after school time. Gradually, it becomes a beautiful part of their lifestyle.”

This Mulgrave may be the biggest team ever of this year with 31 members. Mulgrave is registered in the oasis Youth Team Division which offers $3,000 in cash prizes in multiple categories. Registration includes entrance to the great finisher’s wrap Party at B.C Place Stadium, branded team shirts, and participants’ oasis Youth Team name printed in The Vancouver Sun’s post-race feature on Monday following the April 24 run.

This Friday (March 11) is the deadline for registration in the Youth Team Challenge.

In the last year’s virtual-only race the Titan was at 18 number. The cash price they received of $400 went to track and field equipment.

Basically from South Africa, Moore became a runner during his mid-teens at the time when his father gave up smoking.

He took a course for recovery that said it is essential to have the addiction of something else to replace it. They handed him a list of things to choose from and he selected running, and after that, he forced all of us including my sisters to get up early in the morning to run with him.

Moore Made a different deal: he said would continue this practice if he is allowed to run in the afternoons and evenings instead of the morning. After completing his university education, he continued this passion with zest and began competing. Since then he ran in 26 marathons and almost 100 half-marathons. His sisters also continued to maintain this lifestyle.

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